Optimising Dump Station Throughput

BMT WBM assists operators of rail dump stations increase throughput using a variety of techniques. For applications with sticky material in bottom dump wagons, BMT WBM has developed a system incorporating a fully automatic robotic wagon vibrator.

Robotic Wagon Vibrator for enhancing coal discharge

Many high-capacity coal export terminals, which receive coal by rail in bottom-dump wagons, experience major delays due to discharge failure when handling sticky coal. These delays can have a serious impact on the capacity of the rail system feeding the port and on the terminal inloading capacity.

To address the problems of discharging sticky coal, BMT WBM has developed a fully automatic robotic wagon vibrator. A number of these are now operating in Australian coal terminals.

Optimising Dump Station Throughput

Computer based dynamic modelling of rail dump stations combined with control system changes to triggers and conveyors can significantly enhance the throughput of existing dump stations.