Integrated Water Cycle Management

BMT WBM delivers an integrated solution to urban water management. We are recognised leaders in Water Sensitive Urban Design, Total/Integrated Water Cycle Management, water use efficiency and water quality management.

We provide strategic input to developers and authorities on integrated total water cycle management solutions.

The key is integrating the practices of flood management, water sensitive urban design, stormwater quality control, wastewater management, community needs and preservation of the natural environment.

Such integration requires the holistic assessment of water quantity and water quality issues in a whole of catchment context.  Consideration and detailed understanding is required of how water behaves in such a context, including all pathways whereby water passes through a catchment, encompassing surface runoff, groundwater, potable water storage treatment and delivery and wastewater collection/treatment/disposal.

We specialise in:

  • Catchment rainfall/runoff analysis
  • Hydrologic assessments of changes to catchment land use
  • Hydraulic flood modelling
  • Hydraulic impact analysis of flood management options and floodplain develoments
  • Urbanisation water quality impact assessments
  • Design of water quality and hydraulic control structures
  • Construction, supervision and establishment of IWM assets
  • Stormwater BMP assessments
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design
  • Integrated Urban Water Management planning
  • Wastewater planning and management
  • Decentralised and on-site sewerage systems
  • Stormwater and baseline monitors of water quality and quantity.

We are at the cutting edge of water management in urban environments. We have helped reduce water demand in existing buildings, and have the modelling tools and analytical skills to customize and rationalize designs for future urban development, ranging in size from individual properties up to 10,000+ lot sub-divisions.

Recent Relevant Projects

Caloundra South Integrated Water Management (Queensland)

BMT WBM has undertaken an Integrated Water Quality and Quantity Modelling study to quantify how the development of this master-planned community could affect adjacent areas (and downstream waterways) to determine, in a robust and defensible manner, what management intervention is required to enable development to occur without adverse impacts.    Upon its completion, the project will be a showcase for ‘beyond best practice’ integrated water management.

Moreton Bay Total Water Cycle Management Plan (Queensland)

BMT WBM developed a Total Water Cycle Management strategy for the Moreton Bay Region.   This strategy identified key water cycle management issues through a water accounting process, developed solutions to address these issues and used multi criteria analysis to assist in the assessment and recommendation of catchment specific solution sets for further investigation in the detailed planning phase. 

Coomera Pimpama Water Cycle Management (Queensland)

BMT WBM undertook a detailed assessment of the potential implications of various land use/water cycle development configurations within the Coomera-Pimpama Masterplan area on stormwater and water supply/wastewater infrastructure and life cycle cost, lot yield and stormwater quantity/quality elements for the area.  This work provided a basis for moving forward with Strategic Water Cycle Planning for the entire Masterplan area.