Stormwater Harvesting

BMT WBM has been playing a key role in several stormwater harvesting solutions throughout Australia – from feasibility assessment and monitoring through to design and implementation.

Stormwater is often seen as a nuisance, but for a more sustainable future, we need to rethink how we can potentially utilise this natural resource.

Stormwater harvesting solutions offer increased flexibility in water management in urban, peri-urban and rural communities.  Our engineers and scientists have played a leading role in improving the integration of stormwater harvesting systems within the built and natural environment.

Recent Relevant Projects

NSW Parliament House Water Harvesting Scheme(NSW)

A water efficiency audit of NSW Parliament House identified the cooling towers and flusherette system as having the largest water demand.  BMT WBM staff, in association with the NSW Government Architect’s Office, developed the concept design for a water harvesting system to supply the cooling towers. 

Bankstown Civic Centre Stormwater Harvesting Study (NSW)

BMT WBM improved the efficiency of water usage in the Council building and park, and investigated the feasibility of various alternative water supply sources.   An unobtrusive method of extracting water from a nearby stormwater channel was developed and Council adopted the system for construction.   

Picken Oval Water Harvesting Scheme (NSW)

BMT WBM investigated options for stormwater harvesting, groundwater extraction and rainwater capture to provide a sustainable source of water for the oval.  The adopted scheme saves 1350kl of potable water each year.